Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Policy for ndrkfgc

The ndrkfgc website respects the DMCA rights of the users, it is intellectual property rights. The ndrkfgc team expects the same from the readers. The ndrkfgc will reply to any notice related to any alleged infringement that comes under the DMCA Act. The privacy policy of ndrkfgc has the procedure that is followed by ndrkfgc for any copyright infringement.

Notification of Alleged Copyright Infringement:

If any user or website notices that ndrkfgc infringes the copyright for you, you should send us a written notice that claims the infringement. You must put the below things in the Copyright infringement notice that you are going to send ndrkfgc.

  1. You must have identified the copyright work on ndrkfgc or multiple copyright works on ndrkfgc, all the copyright work should be covered in one notification, you can send a list of copyright work on ndrkfgc.
  2. You have to specify the content or graphic that is infringed on ndrkfgc from your website that you want to remove from ndrkfgc and want to disable the access of that content/graphic. Your information should be sufficient to locate the content on ndrkfgc.
  3. In the notice, you must mention the contact number, contact address, and contact email ID so that the ndrkfgc will be able to contact you.
  4. A justification that you have a pure purpose trust that utilization of the content/graphic in the way grumbled of isn’t approved by the copyright host, its representative, or the law.
  5. A reason that the data in the notice is precise, and under punishment of ambiguity, is that you are endorsed to obey up for the host of a restrictive right that is purportedly violated.
  6. You should have the e-signature or physical signature on the notice.

Submitting a Notification:

You can send the notification of copyright to the proper email ID of  ndrkfgc at—-.

Counter Notification:

If a person finds out that any content on the ndrkfgc website is deleted or you are no longer able to access that content. You can send us the counter-notification. The counter notification of the person must have the following things.

  1. You must identify the content that is deleted or you are not able to access that content. Specify the location of the material where it was before the deletion.
  2. A statement under punishment of prevarication that you have a sincere intentions belief that the content was deleted /access is denied because of slip-up or misidentification of the content to be deleted or access is denied.
  3. The notification must include the contact number, name, email ID, Name, and consent from your address that falls in the particular District Court jurisdiction where the address is located.

Submitting a Counter Notification:

You should submit the counter-notification to ndrkfgc-specific

email ID – .

Repeat Infringers:

The accounts of the persons can be terminated if they repeat infringements according to the copyright Law.

Modification of Policy:

The ndrkfgc website has the right to update and change the privacy policy at any time. The user will get any updates on the privacy policy on this page.

Contact Information:

The users who want to share their suggestions can write is email on the provided email ID of ndrkfgc here:—-.